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About Malaya Times

leave a comment » is a Leading Malaysia Education and Creative Information portal that cover a range of topics. History, Encyclopedia Art & Entertainment, How it Works, Country Studies,  and more…

Our mission is to provide a freebase platform for educational materials, reading materials and digital reference materials for your own research or any purposes. We update our portal daily ( a few times in a day) by (too)  few volunteers around the globe.

We are the option for ‘greening’ your reading materials. We are a non–governmental organization and non-profit organization

Stay in the know and keep updated with us, or via facebook , and invite your friends to join the pages if you find it useful. Portal :

Facebook Fan Page : Lazacode : Education & Creative Foundation

Faceboook Malaysia Group : Lazacode : Malaysia Education & Creative Foundation


If you interested in sponsoring, funding or any contribution that might help our project, please send an email to us at : We are glad to be apart of you.

Malaya Times (malayatimes) is apart of : Education & Creative Foundation

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Written by LC Marshal

August 20, 2010 at 2:59 am

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